How We Work

Your vision
To begin the process, a meeting will be scheduled during which we will walk the property and discuss your ideas and concerns. The specifics will be based on your needs and wants.

The Plan
Based on your thoughts and the cultural requirements of your landscape I will come up with a design, which can include plantings, hardscaping, fencing. I am happy to design something as small a new perennial border, or a vegetable garden or to work on a long term, multi staged redesign of your property.

Once the design has been agreed upon I will provide you with an estimate for the proposed work. By the end of this meeting we will have an agreed upon plan

Getting Started
Upon receiving a signed agreement and deposit, the project will be scheduled.
This is done on a first come first served basis.

Work will commence on the day stated weather permitting.

After the project is completed we will walk the grounds where I can go over the instructions for long term care with you and answer any other questions you might have. The final invoice will be issued at this point.

Landscapes are living things and will grow over the years. I will be happy to assist you in maintaining the landscape through spring/fall cleanups as well as planting spring flowering bulbs.
The three-year mark is a good time to review how the plantings have performed. I will be happy to check in at this time and discuss how things are going.

I am happy to answer any questions and address any concerns.